Billet 80% KE-15 Lower (Metal Finished)

Billet 80% KE-15 Lower (Metal Finished) - 1-50-01-002
Billet 80% KE-15 Lower (Metal Finished) - 1-50-01-002
Brand: KE Arms
Item #: 1-50-01-002
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CA Compliant:

The KE-15 80% lower receiver is machined from billet 7075 aluminum—made in USA—to mil spec tolerances; then tumble deburred, and bead blast finished. All that is left to do is machine the fire control pocket, for the trigger group and drill a few holes. Once complete you will have a fully functional KE-15 type lower.
- This is not a completed receiver and still requires machining to be done in order to have an operational firearm.
- NO FFL is required for purchase, item can be shipped directly to your home.
- As determined by the firearms technology branch of the ATF, this lower receiver is not classified as a “firearm” as defined by the GCA of 1968.
- Customer is responsible for compliance with local state and federal regulations regarding any products sold on our website.
- Our lowers have been found to be compatible with most jigs made for finishing forged style lowers, such as Tactical Machining’s, etc.
*Contact us for orders of 50-500 (or more) units.
**KE-15 jigs are in production and will be available soon.
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