CAV-15 MKII Complete Lower Receiver

CAV-15 MKII Complete Lower Receiver - 1-61-01-002
CAV-15 MKII Complete Lower Receiver - 1-61-01-002
CAV-15 MKII Complete Lower Receiver - 1-61-01-002
CAV-15 MKII Complete Lower Receiver - 1-61-01-002
Brand: KE Arms
Item #: 1-61-01-002
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $364.90



UPDATE July 2018. GWACS Armory has issued this statement regarding CAV-15 MKII Availability:

"We are thankful for InRange TV’s WWSD project expanding the interest in the GWACS CAV 15 product. With this expanded interest we have virtually sold out of our MK II product line.

This year the CAV-15MKII turns 15 years old and unfortunately during our last production run our injection mold reached its end of life.

We are currently finalizing the design of the CAV-15 MK III that will maintain the same strength and durability as the MK II while including the most requested new features. We have incorporated some features recommended by Russell Phagan aka who has been involved with the CAV-15 since 2001. These improvements assure the future CAV-15 models are in line with the needs of the modern firearms market.

We will be announcing the availability of the CAV-15 MK III and MK IV later this year!

If you want to receive more information as we near the preorder event please create an account on our web page so that you can receive updates. If you already have an account you will be notified by email.

We want to thank everyone for the enormous support of the GWACS Armory CAV-15 MK II."

We may not be getting more CAV-15s until their new tools are done. If we do get more the item will be marked as back in stock.


Works with standard AR-15 parts and AR-15 spec uppers. Durable and light weight. 13 inch length of pull. Integrated buffer tube, pistol grip and fixed stock give this design its strength. Light weight, Durable with lifetime warranty*. 1lb 5.2 oz stripped.

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