KE Arms KE-15 80% Finishing Jig Replacement Plates

Brand: KE Arms
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The KE Arms 80% Jig is designed to fit the KE-15 billet 80% lower as well as most* other brands and forgings. The Jig is 6061 T6 aluminum with precision steel Drill inserts to maintain accuracy for the life of the jig. Each jig is laser etched with the correct drill and reamer size for use with your Milspec lower parts kit. The stainless steel plates for the trigger group are replaceable and also serve as a guide when used with the optional KE Jig tool set.
*Jig has been tested with several Milspec lowers and forgings, due to the countless variations of lowers currently on the market we can only guarantee fitment on the KE-15 Billet and Standard Millspec forging lowers such as the KE-15