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RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate

RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate - 1-50-25-028
RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate - 1-50-25-028
RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate - 1-50-25-028
Brand: KE Arms
Item #: 1-50-25-028
Availability: IN STOCK
Will Ship in 1-4 Days
Price: $59.95

Adapt your old Trijicon RMR cut slide to use the new Aimpoint ACRO!  This will allow you to try out an ACRO on your current slide before having a new slide made, or just keep your old slide in service with a more modern optic.  

-Machined from billet aluminum and hard coat anodized

-Clearance for recoil bosses
-Deliberately snug fit

Because various manufacturers and shops have cut the RMR pockets to different depths, you will need to shorten the right 6-32 screw to fit with your particular slide.  If you do not shorten it, it will go into the extractor plunger area and impede function.

For dedicated lower mounting options look at our milling service or a dedicated KE Arms Slide.