Compact 9mm Glock Frame W/ KE Upgrades

Compact 9mm Glock Frame W/ KE Upgrades - 1-50-27-006
Compact 9mm Glock Frame W/ KE Upgrades - 1-50-27-006
Compact 9mm Glock Frame W/ KE Upgrades - 1-50-27-006
Item #: 1-50-27-006
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Price: $539.95


Cerakote Elite Jungle


These frames are LE Trade Ins that have all new factory internals installed (including standard disconnectors) along with our Carry Mag Well, and Your choice of KE Arms Carry Trigger.

For use with 19 length slides

The Frames have been stippled and the trigger guards undercut by We Plead the 2nd.

Level 1 are in Good-Great Condition

Level 2 are in Good condition internally, but have external surface wear, dents, dings, and scratches from years of service.

These are ready to mount the 17 or 34 Gen 3 Slide of your choice,

"Why does this frame cost as much as a new Glock?"

Frame $100
KE Trigger $100.00
Magwell $69.95
Trigger Pin $2.50
Locking Block Pin $2.50
Fire Control Pin $2.50
Slide Lock $11
Locking Block $20.00
Magazine Catch $5.00
Match Catch Spring $5.00
Fire Control Packet $11.00
Disconnector $7.00
Trigger Spring $3.00
Frame Work $175
Total Value Added Together $514


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