Trooper Repair Kit

Trooper Repair Kit - 1-50-01-348
Trooper Repair Kit - 1-50-01-348
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Item #: 1-50-01-348
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Our shooting team has assembled the Trooper Repair Kit to keep your rifle up and running at a competition, tactical class, or in the field. We’ve identified the things that commonly go wrong, and that you could fix without an armorer’s station. We recommend you carry a 1/8" punch and small hammer to remove fire control pins, and a screw driver or allen wrench as needed to remove your pistol grip screw.


- Young Manufacturing Phosphate Bolt with gas rings, extractor, and ejector
- Firing Pin and Retainer Pin
- Cam Pin
- Hammer, Spring and Pin
- Trigger, Spring and Pin
- Disconnector and Spring
- Safety Selector, Spring, and Detent

A note from Young Manufacturing about their bolts

“YES, We Mag Particle Inspect all our bolts. We don't just mark them M.P.I. Available in hard chrome or phosphate finish.
Our 5.56mm bolt is made from SAE 9310 steel and Precision Ground in three critical areas after heat treating to Mil- Spec. This provides the most accurate fit possible on the center support ring, and the bolt tail. Grinding the back of the lugs true to the bolt face gives you a bolt that locks up true and square to the center of the bore. All of our bolts are Mag Particle Inspected to detect any stress fractures that might occur during the heat treat process.”