If you intend to register your KP-15 as an NFA weapon test it thoroughly before doing so in a Title 1 Configuration. Once you Form 1 or Form 2 it, you are legally the manufacturer and we cannot service or support it as easily. Should your receiver require warranty replacement we can only replace it with a title I receiver and we are not responsible for tax stamps or NFA fees.

“I heard I need to contact you if I am registering it as an SBR?”

No, you do not need to contact us if you intend to register your KP-15 as an NFA weapon. You simply need to be aware of the above warning that is on every one of our instruction sheets and on our tech documents here.

“Do I have to affix a plate to the receiver with my info?”

No. Only the serial number is mandated by statute to be in metal. You may note our Manufacturer markings are molded in to the plastic. If you attempted to affix a metal plate to the receiver it would likely not be compliant anyway. Our serial plates are Swiss-cheesed and over molded in a way that would require significant destruction of the receiver to remove them. Gluing or riveting a plate with “John Doe Anytown USA” to the receiver will not be adequate for marking it as manufactured into an NFA weapon by yourself.

“How do I engrave the receiver”

Generally laser engraving is best. If you’re worried get your laser engrave shop a set of polymer handguards to practice on.

Read and follow ATF guidelines for minimum engraving depth and height.