We've had reports of customers experiencing their magazines dropping out under recoil when using the KE Arms ambidextrous magazine catch in the KP-15 and WWSD rifles.

If you experience this problem, simply contact tech@kearms.com for a replacement ambi magazine catch spring.  Rotating the ambi magazine catch in or out will not resolve this.  While waiting for your replacement you can use a standard non-ambi catch and not experience this problem.  

Why is this happening?  Why is it something we didn't catch in testing?
It appears to be a combination of factors that we do not experience while test firing 5-10 rounds through each rifle.
1) Bolt speed related to ammo pressure.  When the bolt is traveling faster it makes the left arm pivot out at the end of the bolt travel.
2) Shooter stance; if you roll with the recoil too much it makes it more possible
3) Shooter mass: lighter shooters also seem to experience this more often.

Combine all 3 of these and it can happen regularly.  We've used some of the returned mag catches in our own personal rifles, and can't replicate the problem because all 3 factors were not present.

Replacing the ambi magazine catch spring with the new heavier spring will significantly reduce the possibility of this happening in all but the most over gassed fast moving bolt rifles.  If you are experiencing ejection pattern forward of 3:00 we recommend you add weight to your buffer or increase spring strength in any case.