Local Customers (Phoenix Metro)
We do not have a retail store front.  Please place your order online and select the pick up in store option.  We will call/e-mail you when your order is ready.
We do not do 4473 transactions at our location.  We Plead the 2nd in Tempe handles all local transfers for us on Fridays (unless other arrangments are made) at no additional charge to customers.

Shipping Policy

All orders will be shipped by FedEx or USPS Priority. Requests for air, bus or special truck handling may be arranged in advance. Requests for RUSH or overnight orders will be honored whenever possible. All shipping costs, as well as any additional costs resulting from requested special handling or order processing are the responsibility of the customer. KE does not guarantee same day shipping or the performance of any contracted freight carrier.

1. Shipper will transport and deliver firearms as defined by the United States Gun Control Act of 1968, between areas served in the U.S., but only to:
a. Licensed importers; licensed dealers; licensed collectors; law enforcement agencies of the U.S.or any department or agency thereof; and law enforcement agencies of any state or any department, agency or political subdivisions thereof; or
b. Where not prohibited by local, state and federal law, from individuals to licensed importers, licensed manufacturers or licensed dealers (and return of same).

2. Shipper cannot ship or deliver firearms C.O.D.

3. The recipient must be of legal age as identified by applicable law.

4. The recipient is required to comply with all applicable government regulations and laws, including those pertaining to labeling. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can provide assistance.

5. Shipper will transport small-arms ammunition when packed and labeled in compliance with local, state and federal law, and the Hazardous Materials section of this Service Guide. Ammunition is an explosive and must be shipped separately as hazardous materials. Shipper will not ship loaded firearms or firearms with ammunition in the same package.

6. All shipments must provide business name of FFL that product will be shipped to (Name on license) and FFL’s address needs to be entered into the shipping info upon checkout.

7. KE Arms only ships firearms via FedEx or UPS. We do not ship firearms USPS.