15" Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube

15" Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube - 1-50-03-046
15" Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube - 1-50-03-046
15" Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube - 1-50-03-046
Item #: 1-50-03-046
Availability: AVAILABLE
Price: $349.95


15" Carbon Fiber Free Float Tube
Weight: 0.53 Pounds
Inside Diameter 1.7"
8 MLOK Slots on 7 sides, 5 MLOK Slots on the top,

Aluminum Barrel Nut
Barrel Nut Wrench for use with 1/2" Socket Drive Torque Wrench (Torque Wrench Not Included)
Screws/Mounting Hardware

To Install This rail you will need the following tools that are NOT included:
Action Blocks for AR15 Upper
Torx T15 Wrench
9/64” Allen Wrench
1/2” Socket Driver torque wrench for use with supplied barrel nut wrench
Medium Strength Thread Locker; aka Blue Locktite

These assembly instructions presume you are starting from unassembled parts OR you have already disassembled your upper.

  1. Place your upper in the action block in your vise and install the barrel.
  2. Tighten the supplied barrel nut as far as you can by hand. The use of copper anti-seize or grease on the barrel nut is recommended.
  3. Use the supplied barrel nut wrench on a ½” drive torque wrench to tighten the barrel nut to 35-50 ft/lbs to achieve alignment with one of the gas tube notches.
    NOTE! Going too far over this max torque can damage the barrel nut.
  4. Ensure the gas tube notches are aligned properly by inserting the gas tube and making it point towards the gas port. If it is canted adjust torque up or down accordingly within torque range.
  5. Install Gas tube and gas block as needed by your particular barrel assembly.
  6. Slide handguard over barrel onto barrel nut.
  7. Install the 4 T15 Torx 8-32 screws into the handguard once it is over the barrel nut. Use of medium strength thread locker is recommended. Do not torque harder than you can move the T15 wrench with one thumb.
  8. Install the 9/64” allen head 8-32 screws and nuts into the clamping mount of the handguard. Use of medium strength thread locker on these is recommended.
  9. Observe alignment of the handguard as you tighten the clamping screws. You can change alignment of the handguard depending on how you tighten it and the angle at which you hold it while tightening it.

    Your installation is now complete.
    Should you damage your barrel nut, extras can be purchased $40.00 from KE Arms.Extra barrel nut wrenches can be purchased for $25.00.