KP-15 Prototype

KP-15 Prototype - 1-61-01-000
KP-15 Prototype - 1-61-01-000
Brand: KE Arms
Item #: 1-61-01-000
Availability: AVAILABLE
Price: $999.95


WARNING!: This item is legally classified as a receiver. You Must be 21 years old to purchase this item and a resident of the same state your transferring dealer is licensed in.

We have chosen to sell these now to continue to fund our defense against GWACS frivolous lawsuit.

In July of 2020 the first 50 prototype KP-15 receivers were produced.  These first prototypes were run prior to the mold being textured and before the removable grip inserts were ready.  These prototype pieces were used to validate the molding process and welding processes.  Some of these units were assembled for testing.  Some of them were deliberately destroyed to check dimensions after welding.

Because the mold has been textured and changes made for production, no more like this can ever be made.  These serial numbers are all under 50.  KP-15 production serial numbers are now in the 33,000 range.

Some of these units were partially CNC post processed, most have been completely post processed by hand.

We started with 30 of these units for sale, we now have 26 left.

While these are shootable, we recommend people treat them as the rare collectibles that they are.

Each KP-15 prototype will come with a complete parts kit installed including the following parts:

RTS-2 Rekluse Trigger
Trap Door Buttplate
Ambi Selector
Ambi Mag Catch
Carbine Buffer Assembly
Standard Bolt Catch