Gila Monster: Harmless Unless Provoked

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The Gila Monster is a much misunderstood animal.  While it is one of the few venomous lizards, the reality of their behavior doesn't live up to old west tales and urban legends.   They don't leap at people to bite, nor do they spray their venom.  The reality is that the only people bitten by Gila Monsters were invariably directly messing with the creatures.  

The Gila Monster spends 48-50 weeks of the year in its burrow and only emerges to eat and mate.  When it does move above ground it does so with a slow lumbering gate.  Unlike a rattlesnake that one might stumble upon and be bitten, the Gila Monster is truly harmless unless provoked.

Made in the USA with hook backing, these 3" patches are ready to attach to you combat shirt, plate carrier, or range bag.

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