Aluminum Free Float Rail Installation

Removal of existing components

  1. Remove Muzzle Device
  2. Remove gas block/front sight base
  3. Remove barrel nut

Rail Install

  1. Remove free float tube barrel nut from free float tube and slide over barrel.
  2. Secure upper in action block/vice
  3. Use barrel nut wrench to tighten barrel nut to 35 ft/lbs
  4. Align hole in barrel nut to upper, do not go over 85 ft/lbs of torque
  5. Make sure gas tube can slide into upper and is not canted.
  6. Install gas block and gas tube
  7. Attach free float tube to barrel nut, tighten until the rail almost touches the upper.
  8. Use a scope mount, flat surface, or rail vice block to align the rail with the upper.
  9. Tighten the jam nut, with spanner wrench or flat head screw driver and light taps from a hammer. (do not use locktite)
  10. Secure the rail with the 3 set screws (use blue locktite)