STC-1 Emperor Scorpion Trigger

STC-1 Emperor Scorpion Trigger - 1-50-11-010
STC-1 Emperor Scorpion Trigger - 1-50-11-010
Item #: 1-50-11-010
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The STC-1 (Scorpion Trigger Cassette) Emperor Scorpion uses Patented Sear Link Technology to increase the performance of the CZ Scorpion.

Trigger Pull Weight 5 pounds with a significantly shorter reset.  Compare to a factory trigger weight of 8+ pounds with a much longer reset.

Sear Link Technology increases reliability in several ways
1) The housing is more enclosed limiting the ingress of dirt and debris
2) The main sear constantly rides against the hammer and is always ready to catch it during the cycling of the bolt.
3) Long term durability; The hammer is not driven through a disconnector and does not impact on any part of the fire control group.

Currently compatible with the Scorpion Evo 3, we are working on compatibility with the Scorpion 3+

Gunsmith installation is recommended as removing the factory fire control group can be moderately difficult to troublesome depending on the generation.

US Patent 10401107

US Patent 10837726