Q: Why is the buttstock, buffer, tube, and pistol grip molded in?

A: Molding these parts in creates a whole that is stronger than the sum of the parts were they made separately. Polymer receivers that mirror aluminum receiver dimensions have known fail points around the buffer tube and pistol grip/rear take down pin area.

Q: Why does the KP-15 use a carbine buffer?

A: The area behind the buffer is filled with reinforcement ribbing to absorb the buffer impact. This is another feature that makes the receiver resilient. A rifle buffer would require a 14” Length of Pull or longer for the correct amount of reinforcement ribbing and that longer length of pull would not be suitable to most shooters like the KP-15s 13” LOP.

Q: Why aren’t the take down pins captured or use traditional detents?

A: Forming those spring and detent holes in plastic creates fail points. The spring and detents are built into the pins themselves so that the receiver durability is not compromised.

Q: Can I use an A5 Buffer?

A: No you cannot, it is too long for using with standard rifle caliber uppers. We did not design the lower to work with A5 buffers for two reasons. The first is that they are not as commonly available as carbine buffers. The second is that if we did use a spacer system so either carbine or A5 would be used end users would invariably lose the spacer and damage their lowers by using a carbine buffer in an A5 length tube causing the bolt carrier to over travel and impact the receiver.

Q: Are you going to make a .308 or KP-10?

A: No, not unless someone wants to invest $500,000.00 or Order 10,000 units.  .308 ARs are not standardized enough with enough available uppers to justify hundreds of thousands of dollars in tooling cost for us unless there was a large commitment up front from an OEM customer.

Q: Can I use the KP-15 as a PCC?

A: Yes, with a minimum of a 5.4oz buffer for 9mm blowback systems, or 8oz for .45ACP Systems. Failure to use the minimum weight buffer will damage the receiver. The flared magwell means that many 9mm mag blocks will extend down past the flare. Hahn Precision is making a magblock specifically for the KP-15.

Q: Will there be an 80% Version?

A: No. Previous rulings on polymer receivers and the manufacturing process of the KP-15 itself mean it is unlikely to be approved. Making an 80% version would require hundreds of thousands of dollars in new tooling with the risk of it all not be approved by ATF. Thus we have no plans to produce an 80% version.

Q: Is there a storage compartment in the buttstock?

A: Yes there is. The KP-15 ships with a solid buttplate but there is storage behind it.  Order our trap door buttplate here.  A1/A2 buttplates can work on the KP-15 (some fitting may be required).

Q: Why didn't you make the KP-15 have a more vertical grip angle?

A: The Grip Angle of the KP-15 is very similar to that of a Magpul MOE Grip.  More vertical grips are useful on shorter guns with very short lengths of pull.  With a 13" Length of Pull the grip angle of the KP-15 feels natural to the vast majority of shooters.